June 12, 2020

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 Program details

Golden Cigarette
Category: HYIP.
Since: March 09, 2005.
Minimum deposit: $10
Maximum deposit: $10000
Referral bonus: n/a
Lifetime: 139 days.
Closed: July 25, 2005.
Payout Statistics

Monitored: 143 days.
Payouts: 1% daily.
Money system: E-gold.

Investment (listing): $30.00
Profit: $41.10
Payout ratio:
137 %
Link: no .
Lifetime of the similar programs: minimal - 6 days, maximal - 677 days, average - 128 days.
Payout ratio of the similar programs: minimal - 2%, maximal - 203%, average - 57%.
Probability of the profit, proceeding from statistics of the similar programs: 19%.
Payments are made to your E-gold account. Type of the script: non-standard.
E-gold account: 1823815.


Thank you for your inquiry into Golden Cigarette. Now, we know this is a complete new concept to everyone but we have found a loophole to buy cigarettes at a very low price per carton and resell them at a very high price per carton. We have found that we average more than 450% per carton. This translates into a lot of money. We don' t expect this operation to last more than five years and then it will be gone due to the Big Brother influence. We suggest you get in now and riding the tsunami of gold that will be generated by this super program. We will not accept a deposit of less than $10.00 nor more than $1,000.00 per day. The account limit any one person may hold is $10,000.00usd. If anyone is caught stacking accounts then you will forfeit your deposits and your membership in this excellent program. Absolutely the very first of it's kind!

We shall pay you 1% per day for the duration of this program. We fully expect to see this program going for the minimum of five years. After that, who can tell what the cigarette industry shall look like but at this time we rely on the nonsense of the USA to help us make you a substantial amount of gold for your golden years! However if the cigarette industry is still in good shape we will continue. If not, perhaps we will have found a new avenue. We wish you good fortune with a full belly!

There will be no website associated with this business. Your payouts will be paid directly into your e-gold account by automatic mass pay software. You may make your deposits to e-gold account 1823815. Remember no less than $10.00 or it will be lost in our house pool. There are no referral fees associated with this business but you would be doing your friends a favor by getting them the news.

Nothing Ventured Is Nothing Gained, Arthur

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